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who journeyed to Denver, who died in Denver, who came back to Denver & waited in vain, who watched over Denver & brooded & loned in Denver and finally went away to find out the Time, & now Denver is lonesome for her heroes.

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chapter 13 of my fanfic :}

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Chapter 13.

*Zayn’s POV*

Lying on my bed, the smoke of my cigar slowly making smooth drawings in the air, I let the time pass. It was one of those days when you don’t want to do anything but stay at home, maybe with your girlfriend. But I had no girlfriend.

From time to time I took a look at the window of the house next to mine, which was Harper’s. The curtains were closed, so I guessed she was sleeping, or maybe she went out with the girls.

When I first came to Cornwall four summers ago, I made friends with her that way. We used to stare at each other through the window, trying not to make it too obvious. But after a couple of weeks like that, she took a notebook and wrote a simple Hi, I’m Harper on it, and the next day she went to my house like we knew each other since forever. She was that way, confident and independent.

I smiled at all those memories and shook my head putting out the cigarette when my phone rang.

“Yeah?”, I asked.

“Zayn? It’s Amy”, her slow sexy voice made me shiver. “Where are you?”

“I’m at home, bored”, I smiled. “Why?”

A silence at the other side, only her deep breath heard.

“I was wondering…do you want to come to my house?”, she said with an innocent voice. “You know, I’m bored too, we can have some fun…”

Hell yeah. Of course I wanted to have some fun with Amy.

“I’m there in…”

I was going to say, I’m there in now, but I saw movement at Harper’s bedroom. She opened the curtain and she was glancing at me from time to time with curiosity. I sat down on my bed and faced her as she turned back, slowly taking off her skirt, knowing I was there, staring at her.

“What the fuck are you doing, Harper”, I whispered to myself as she let the tight skirt fall on the floor, bending down to pick it. She did everything in fucking slow motion, and I felt my heart pound hard. “I’ll phone you later, Amy”


“I’ll phone you later, I promise”, I cut her off, hanging up my mobile.

Harper sat down on her bed, legs crossed, and took her phone. She played with her wet hair while she typed something on it, then glanced at me as I felt my phone vibrate. I opened Whatsapp and saw a message from her.

Harpy messaged you- “You told me that staring is rude”

I quickly messaged her back.

“Yeah, I did”

She raised an eyebrow while looking at me through the window.


“And I thought you still were mad at me. You know, for the fish talk”

She chuckled, shaking her head.

“Two days without talking to you are enough”

“Yeah, too enough”

She smiled and got up, opening her closet and allowing me to have a perfect view of her ass. I bit down my lower lip and typed again.

“Where were you?”

“I went out with the girls”, she replied. “And they thought it would be funny to throw me at the swimming pool, now all my clothes are wet”

I almost chocked with my own saliva at the thought of it, at the fact that she was wearing wet tight clothes and basically stripping to me. ‘Cause it was what she was doing as Violence by Blink 182 started to play, even heard in my room.

long hair that blows side to side,
you speak and make time stand still,
and each time you walk right on by…

The music didn’t fit with her movements, but the lyrics did. She slowly took off her black t-shirt, wearing just a lace bra and her knickers. I licked my lips as she smirked, knowing I was still staring. Like I could stop.

she kills with no life to spare,
just victims are left to bleed,

She was the sexiest chick ever, and she freakin’ knew it.

She turned around and her hands went to her back, gently unclipping her bra. I took a deep breath and bit my nails, I was getting really nervous and annoyed at the fact she was in control, she got me hypnotized with her slow movements and sexy body. But even worse was the fact that I couldn’t touch her when I wanted her so bad, more than ever.

Like violence you have me, forever, and after
Like violence you kill me, forever, and after.

Her bra fell on the floor, and she turned to face me with an arm covering her breasts, steadily and defiant looking at me, lips parted and breath blurring the window’s glass.

I’ve never been so lonesome in my life as I am right now
I’m completely lost without you darling

As we stared at each other I felt that weird sensation that used to invade me when I looked right into her eyes, that twinge in my stomach and blurry thoughts, and I felt empty without her by my side, I just felt completely lost without her.

I could tell her breath was heavier than usual, her lips drawing a tiny smirk as she was having so much more fun than me, but something hidden behind her eyes told me that she was feeling the same.

I never realized I could miss anyone person so much

I never realized I could miss someone I never had, to be honest. For a second I hated that game she was playing, I hated that both of us were too proud to admit anything. But her other hand travelled down her belly to her knickers, and stayed there for a while, slowly playing with the rubber band of it, and when she was about to take it off, she quickly closed the curtains and stopped the music.

“Shit”, I cursed, letting my back fall on the bed and my hands cover my face, as my phone vibrated again.

“Did you really believe, just for a second, that I was going to get fully naked in front of you?”

I read the message again and again, thinking about what should I reply.

“I believed you were shameless enough to do it”

It took her a long time to reply, but she finally did.

“It was just your punishment. You know, for the fish talk”, she replied, repeating what I said minutes ago.

I shook my head and let the phone over my bed, closing my eyes. Then I remembered my talk with Amy, and took the phone again to phone her.

If Harper wasn’t going to please me, Amy definitely will. After all, I was a guy just like any other.  


*Elle’s POV*

After two days sleeping at Harry’s house, I decided it was time to come back home. Well, it wasn’t my decision; it was more like my mother’s. She appeared in Harry’s house, fuming by the ears, took me by my arm and dragged me home.

Of course, I got grounded for the next week. I wish she grounded me for the next two weeks, ‘cause James was coming in just 8 days, and I wasn’t even prepared.

It was late at night, my parents were asleep, but I had kind of insomnia. I couldn’t stop thinking about my friends partying while I was there, lying on my bed and torturing myself. Suddenly, I saw a weird shadow through my window, and noises out in my garden. I opened it and stuck my head out, checking if there was some kind of monster or murderer, and obviously wishing there weren’t. But someone took my head, covering my mouth with their hands to stop me from screaming, and I closed my eyes trying to release myself.

“Sh, sh, sh, don’t bite me”, I heard Ali whispering. “It’s us”

I opened my eyes and saw the girls staring at me with huge smiles on her lips, wearing night dresses and heels.

“What are you doing here?”, I asked. “I’m grounded”

“We’re coming to rescue you”, Charlotte yelled in excitement, jumping a bit.

“There’s a massive party tonight”, Harper explained. “And it won’t be the same if you don’t come with us”

“And then snog/fuck Niall all night long”, Aubrey finished.

I let out a low laugh and roll my eyes back, shaking my head.

“I’m sorry, I cannot”, I shrugged.

“Come on!”, Aubrey said again. “Don’t be such a good girl for the first time in your live”

Living youuuung, and wiiild and freeee”, Char sang, dancing like she was completely high.

“I’ll try to persuade my mom so I go out anytime soon”, I sighed. “But not tonight. I ran away from my house, remember?”

The girls sighed, but then they looked at each other with that face I knew so well. They were plotting a plan. Not a really subtle one.

Ali and Harper took me by my hands and tried to get me out of my room by the window, hurting my belly.

“Ok, ok, I’ll go, but at least let me get dressed!”, I cried out in a whisper. “I’m on my pajamas”

All of them smiled while nodding, glad their mission went fine.

“You’ll be finished faster if we help you”, Aubrey said, jumping into my bedroom through the window and being followed by the others.

They sat me down on my bed, looking at me while talking at the same time, deciding what to do with me. They suddenly got going, putting some make up on my face and picking the clothes from my closet, all of them still talking at the same time.

“She’ll look like a slut with this”

“And isn’t that what we want?”

“Do the fish, Ellie, you need some blush”

“Awww, you look so hot, I would fuck you”

Fifteen minutes later, I was ready. I looked at myself on the mirror and played with my hair, nodding satisfied.

“Good job”, I smiled, turning around to look at them as they did a joint high five.


The party was massive as Harper said, and it was really difficult for us to find the boys. But we finally did, they were sitting on some sofas with a few bitches fluttering around them.

“What’s up, guys”, Aubrey said, sitting between Louis and one of the sluts, kissing him roughly. Charlotte, however, just had to glance at Liam and blink her eyelashes twice and he was at her feet -not literally, but almost- kissing her gently, just the opposite of Aubrey and Louis.

The slut army left a few minutes after, and we were sitting there, the boys already drunk. Niall came to sit next to me and moved closer to my ear.

“I thought you were grounded”, he whispered, his breath tickling my ear.

“Me too”, I giggled.

He stared at me steadily for a while, making me feel awkward. Specially ‘cause his eyes were focused on my boobs.

“I’m going for a drink”, I said, trying to run away from his deep blue eyes, those eyes that made me question a lot of things.  

“I’ll go with you”, he replied, getting up and walking next to me.

We went to the bar and sat down on some stools, waiting for the waiter.

“You look hot tonight”, he suddenly said, making me blush.

I was going to reply, but I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Yes, you do”

I turned around and found a pair of deep brown eyes, tanned skin and dark blonde hair. I felt my head spin and my stomach sink, the world collapsing around me.

“James”, I whispered, so low I bet he didn’t hear it.

“Elle, baby”, he smiled, hugging me. “It’s been too freakin’ long”

I was like a puppet in that moment, completely inert and trembling at his touch.

What the hell was he doing there?

“My parents decided to come back sooner”, he shrugged, noticing my confused expression.

“Oh”, was all I could say.

It was such an awkward situation. Niall was drunk, staring at us like it was a tennis match, I couldn’t say a word, and James looked happier and hotter than ever.

“Who’s this?”, Niall asked then, obviously annoyed by his presence.

“Oh, sorry”, I went back to Earth. “James, this is Niall, a friend…Niall, this is James, my…”

I looked at him, not knowing how to describe him.

“We were really close long time ago”, he said then.

Really close.

I took a deep breath and gave him a resigned smile, trying to refuse the fact that my heart was pounding as fast as the first time we kissed and I thought that he was the perfect guy for me. 

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