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who journeyed to Denver, who died in Denver, who came back to Denver & waited in vain, who watched over Denver & brooded & loned in Denver and finally went away to find out the Time, & now Denver is lonesome for her heroes.

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chapter 14 of my fanfic :)

its shorter than it was going to be tho, cause my friend is coming home and I couldnt even read it again to correct my mistakes, sorry!

anyway, hope y’all enjoy it and give me feedback xo

Chapter 14.

*Alice’s POV*

I was feeling massively drunk, I had lost track of time since God knows when, and all I wanted to do was dance and flirt with some guys, though people obviously was going to call me a slut the next day, but I didn’t care at all. I was having fun, so fuck it.

And fuck Harry Styles, by the way –not literally, of course.

I was really mad at him, I couldn’t believe how he reproached me that I snogged Alex when that was the only thing he did in his entire life, flirt and snog random girls while I stare at them, basically feeling myself dying.


“Hey, what’s up pretty lady?”, I heard a voice behind me and a hand gently surrounding my waist, and I turned my head back to check who was it.

“Alex”, I smiled, looking into his bright green eyes and his contagious smile, and liking it.

He was hot, he liked me, I liked him, we already kissed once, so why not? I wrapped my arms around his neck and he smirked, his hands travelling down my spine to my butt and staying there, both of us moving at the rhythm of the music.

“You’re really drunk, Ali”, he chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. I slowly nodded, my mouth getting closer to his neck and leaving soft pecks there, then sucking on it with such intensity he was definitely going to have hickeys. “And horny, too”

His hands travelled even more down, on my legs, rubbing my inner thighs.

“It’s the alcohol”, I let out a slight moan at his soft touch. “You’re hornier than me, though”

He chuckled again and attacked my lips with force, almost biting it.

“You’re already moaning”, he pointed out, a smirk drawn on his lips as he licked them, eating me with his eyes. “Imagine what I can do to you if we go to a more intimate place”

“I like it here”, I said as he pulled me closer with a groan, our bodies fully touching.

I rested my head over his shoulder and closed my eyes as he worked on my neck, still moving slowly with the music.  I opened my eyes and smirked when he found my sweet spot, and I let out other soft moan while giggling. Then, I saw Harry at the bar with a drink; his back leaned over a wall, steadily looking at Alex at me with ice-cold eyes as he wet his upper lip with his tongue, taking a deep breath.

We stared at each other for a few seconds, my heart pounding faster until I felt Alex hand went too up, almost rubbing my knickers.

“Stop”, I whispered, frowning.

“Why?”, he asked into my ear, and I could tell he was smirking. “You can’t turn me on like this and then give me nothing, Alice…”, he insisted, pecking my neck.

“Just…stop, Alex”, I begged. “Please”

When I was about to push him far away from me, someone did it first.

“She fucking told you to stop”, Harry said, facing him with rough eyes and heavy breath. He looked much bigger, his back completely straight and his massive arms ending in clenched fists. “Are you deaf?”

“What about you?”, Alex replied, getting closer to Harry, almost forehead against forehead. “We were having fun until you came”

“Don’t think so”, Harry hissed, his jaw clenching.

“You should have heard her moaning”, Alex chuckled, and I opened my mouth to say something before Harry could actually stamp his fist on Alex’s face, but it was too late.

“You’re going to fucking regret that”, he hissed again, his arm retracting to finally hit Alex, who quickly took his hand to his mouth, where Harry just punched him.

“Harry!”, I cried out. “What the fuck are you doing!”

He looked at me and then at Alex, who was bleeding and looking furious, then shook his head and turned around, disappearing through the people.

“Yeah, go away, you fucking coward!”, Alex shouted at him, and Harry turned his head back to look at him, one of those glances that leave you without breath.

“Don’t provoke him”, I whispered. “He’s stronger than you”

Alex quickly looked at me, frowning.

“I’ll go to talk to him”, I nodded to myself. “I’m really sorry, Alex. I’ll bring ice for your wound or something, wait five minutes”

And with that I started to run after him, trying to catch him as he went out to the garden. I watched him walking in circles, his hands running his hair in desperation, murmuring things to himself. He rested his forehead over a wall, his breath getting more relaxed, but he suddenly hit the wall twice with both of his fists, releasing all his anger, I guessed, since he went to sit down on the edge of a large flowerpot.

“I didn’t want to fucking punch him”, he said with a husky voice, not turning his head back to look at me. “It was your fault”

“It wasn’t me who punched him, Harry”, I replied softly, sitting next to him and looking for his eyes.

He slowly turned to face me, his messy hair almost covering his still rough eyes, making me feel a stab right in my stomach.

“I couldn’t avoid it”, he suddenly said, shaking his head. “He was…touching you in that way…I just…”

“It’s ok, Harry”, I tried to calm him down as I noticed he was starting to get mad again. “You owe him an apology, though”

He stared at my for a few seconds, his green eyes looking darker as he tried to guess what was going through my mind.

“I owe you an apology, Ali”, he whispered, looking at the ground. “I acted like a total idiot. And yeah, I’m a coward, Alex and you are right. Elle and I had kind of a deal…she would talk to her mom if I talked to you. She did, but I just can’t come to you and tell you what happens in my mind. What made me get so mad. Maybe ‘cause I don’t know it either. But thinking about you with him…I get sick. I can’t stand the image of my girl with anyone. I just can’t explain it”

“You’re doing it right now”, I whispered and I took his hand in mine, my fingers intertwining his as I felt my heart race.

He glanced quickly at our hands and then focused his eyes on mines, a tiny smile trying to escape from his lips as he crashed them against mines, a soft peck that lasted a second.

“How did that feel?”, he asked, his eyes glancing at me in an insecure way.




But instead of that, I went with a simple,

“Weird”, I whispered, and it wasn’t a lie at all.

Harry chuckled, shaking his head.

“I don’t want it weird, Alice”, he said, a sad look in his face. “We should stay as friends; I don’t want to ruin what we have”

With that, he got up and walked into the house again, leaving me alone at the garden.

Like we ever had something.


*Zayn’s POV*

The music too loud, it was too late, there was too people at the dance floor, but I had my eyes focused in just one. She was dancing at Angel by Akon, her hair dark blowing from side to side as her huge smile let her white teeth show, obviously having so much fun while everybody was dancing with her, and she was dancing with everybody.

I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place blowing

She had such a contagious smile, and by watching her I couldn’t avoid myself from scanning her whole body, her smooth pink dress drawing every curve of her body.

I took a last sip of my drink and left it over the table, walking decidedly towards her. She glanced at me for a second and smirked, then looking at the ground and taking me by my hand, making me dance with her.

She looked at me took me by surprise yeah
As if she took me by the hand to some foreign land
And had me way up
Way above the clouds in the sky singing

She came closer to me and placed a hand over my shoulder, her smooth movements teasing me, her long hair playing shadows over her face. I pulled her closer to me by her waist and she smirked, whispering into my ear,

“Stop undressing me with your eyes, Malik”

Her teeth nibbled on my earlobe and made me shiver in anticipation as my hands grinded over her ass and she smirked again, closing her eyes while still dancing.

“I don’t need my eyes to undress you”, I whispered back, and she let out a loud laugh.

“Don’t be so cocky”

It took me a while to gather the strange to say it, but I finally told her what I spent thinking the whole day.

“I want you”

She raised both of her eyebrows and stared at me for a while, considering what I just said. She didn’t consider it as much though, ‘cause she suddenly crashed her lips against mines with need, her hands running through my hair and her eyes strongly closed.

“You don’t know how much”, I whispered when she broke the kiss, biting my lower lip this time, hurting me a bit. “Amy…”, I whined.

“What”, she said, looking harshly at me. “How did you just call me?”

“Harper”, I rectified. “I said Harper”

“You said Amy”, her voice felt like acid. “Why did you say Amy?”

I stared at her for a while, and I felt a twinge of guilty in my stomach.

“I went to her house today”, I said, and she squinted.

“You mean you two…?”, she asked, and I nodded.

Then she shook her head and chuckled, murmuring a low I’m an idiot to herself.

 “I’m sorry, Harper”, I said, not exactly knowing why.

She shook her head again and suddenly slapped my cheek, her eyes full of a hate.

“What”, I asked, confused. “Why did you slap me?!”

“You asked for it”, she replied before turning around and disappearing trough a bunch of people.

I stayed there, my hand over my cheek as I couldn’t avoid a smile to appear on my lips, thinking how she was the first girl ever to reject me that way, slap included.

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